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Power Down Semiconductor Joins Silicon Catalyst to Power Down Next Generation of Electronics
Focuses on Resolving the Power Crisis
Silicon Valley, CA (February 12, 2018) – Silicon Catalyst, the global incubator focused exclusively on solutions in silicon announces the admittance of Power Down Semiconductor. Power Down provides the technology that bridges the gap between the great demand for smarter next-generation electronics and the greater energy demands of that intelligence.
From Smart Homes to Autonomous Vehicles, the electronic revolution is demanding smarter and smarter electronics, placing a huge burden on the ability to power these devices. The smarter electronics become, the more power they require. Power has become a dominant constraint on modern electronics, and left unresolved will curtail the pace of advancement of electronics. Power Down’s Founder and CEO, David Huffman has been addressing this issue for three decades and is now commercializing the unique technique that he has developed.
Huffman said, “I’ve dedicated my life to the issue of lowering the power requirements of electronic systems. Power Down Semiconductor is providing the solution that will empower the next generation of electronics by reducing power needs by up to 90% without sacrificing performance.  PDSemi’s “Low Power Processing” (or LPP) technology leverages a novel multi-level charge recycling technique which actually raises the supply rail in order to maximize the speed of the devices.  Other competing low power IC companies are reducing power by crushing the supply rail to a few hundreds of millivolts, but that power reduction comes with a big performance hit along with reduced noise margin and soft errors. Our silicon-proven solution will find its way into battery-less IoT products as well as LCD and OLED display panels.  Silicon Catalyst provides exactly the support needed to commercialize Power Down’s technology. I’m feeling quite confident that Silicon Catalyst was the right choice for my company and the technology we’re trying to introduce to the world.  Full speed ahead!!”
“The next generation of electronic systems simply will not happen without aggressive techniques to harness the coming out-of-control power demands”, said Rick Lazansky, CEO of Silicon Catalyst. “Power Down Semiconductor is an excellent example of today’s semiconductor-focused startups providing the innovation that the electronics ecosystem thrives on.”
In the past 24 months, Silicon Catalyst has screened well over 100 start-ups from the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The 14 startups admitted to the incubator are developing innovations in LED, energy, silicon photonics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. memory technology, wireless communications, and biomedical devices.
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About Power Down Semiconductor
Power Down Semiconductor was founded with a very simple goal in mind: Reduce integrated circuit power consumption.  We strive to squeeze every picowatt from your chip’s transistors while maintaining the performance that you require.
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About Silicon Catalyst
Silicon Catalyst is the only incubator focused exclusively on solutions in silicon, building a coalition of in-kind and strategic partners to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of development. With a world-class network of mentors to advise startups, Silicon Catalyst is helping startups address challenges moving from idea to realization. The incubator/accelerator supplies startups with facilities, a path to funding, tools, networking and marketing acumen to successfully launch their companies’ novel technology solutions.  Silicon Catalyst was the recipient of the prestigious 2015 ACE Award for Start-Up Company of the Year.
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